Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

The skilled nursing facilities of Vincentian Collaborative System are well known for their high-quality care. Our reputation is growing for providing successful outcomes for short-term rehabilitation and therapy for seniors. We will provide the personal care, support, and education you need to get you back home or back to the highest level of independence possible.

Why Choose Us?

Our therapy program is centered around the individual needs of each person. We provide education to family and caregivers as well. In order to provide a safe discharge plan to home, all residents are offered an individual home assessment as well as safety training.

Physiatrist Guided Care

For those with complex rehabilitation needs, a physician specializing in rehabilitation oversees patient care and ensures that medical services, treatments and therapies are coordinated to ensure each patient recovers as quickly and effectively as possible.

Experienced Staff Therapists

Our therapists are experienced and knowledgeable in working with older adults in skilled nursing rehabilitation settings, in home health, and in outpatient settings. We have staff with expertise in specialized areas such as:

- certified orthopaedic specialist
- low vision therapy
- vital stim
- accelerated care plus (ACP) equipment including ultra sound, E-Stim and diathermy modalities
- recovery from orthopedic injuries and surgeries
- cognitive therapy, memory therapy, language and communication therapy
- home evaluations (available for all short-term rehabilitation patients)

An Overview of Vincentian Inpatient Care:

All new residents are evaluated upon admission to one facility. Rehabilitative therapies at our facilities are provided five days a week, plus Saturdays as needed. Residents are provided therapy minutes according to their physical abilities and tolerance for therapy. Therapy goals – both short-term and long-term – are developed jointly between the therapist and resident and/or family. Patients are monitored daily to evaluate their progress toward their established goals. Results are discussed weekly with the patient and, if appropriate, their family, as part of each patient’s therapy plan.

In addition to the therapy team, a physiatrist is on site weekly to assess resident care and progress. The physiatrist can analyze, modify and give suggestions for a variety of treatments – medically, therapeutically and otherwise – to ensure all are working together optimally to result in the fastest and most effective patient outcomes.

The average length of stay for short-term rehabilitation patients is 30 days.

Admission Process:

Admissions are accepted with the referral from a hospital physician. Admissions usually happen very quickly when someone is unexpectedly hospitalized. Contact any of our facilities below for location-specific admission information.

We also encourage those who are planning a knee or hip replacement, or other surgery or procedures that require therapy to contact us in advance.


Marian Manor, South Hills (Green Tree)

Vincentian de Marillac, City of Pittsburgh, East End (Stanton Heights)

Vincentian Home, North Hills (McCandless)

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